Project dates: December 2001 – May 2002

Manpower: 40 man-months

Team Leaders: Alexandra Kossovsky, Elena Vengerova, Senior Software Engineers

The client wanted us to implement a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack based on IPv4 stack implementation for their proprietary operating system.

The project included:

  • Study of the client’s operating system
  • Updating our knowledge in IPv6
  • Implementation of:
    • IPv6 RawIP & IPIF
    • ICMPv6
    • Neighbour Discovery / Address Resolution
    • IPv6 Unicast Forwarder
    • FIBv6
    • Neighbour Discovery/Routing
    • UDPv6
    • Tunnel Support
  • Review of available IPv6 testing applications and test suites
  • Development of IPv6 test suites using proprietary testing tool
  • The final Integration and testing.

The trips of OKTET engineers to the client’s site were required on the design and integration phases

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