The process of providing service generally includes five main steps:

  • Specification of what is to be provided.
  • Design phase.
  • Implementation and debugging phase.
  • Testing phase.
  • Support phase.
  • Process

    Each practical case is more or less different from the above picture and on the project definition phase the parties agree not only on the technical features of the expected result but also on the expected phases quality plan.

    By the requirements document we assume all data you submit for us at this web site, as well as other details negotiated after the initial request. Before the commitment to proceed the customer receives a Project Definition document including requirements lists, expected development phases with time and resources estimations, deliverables, and quality assurance measures.

    A separate project plan is optional and is typically applicable for long and complicated projects, the schedule is already resent in the Project Definition.

    Good testing is recommended for many kinds of services. OKTET Labs offers its own Testing Tool specially designed for products communicating to other entities over several interfaces in parallel. Test suites are developed simultaneously with the product development and are used for automated testing through the whole life cycle of the product.

    Once the client approves the project definition and agrees on contractual terms the service passes to the design and development phases. In order to maintain maximum transparency we provide access to the client’s section in our system infrastructure: all intermediate code and documents in Subversion code repository, daily developer’s reports in Diary, issues lists in Bugzilla and general file Storage.


    Most of the OKTET Labs services are provided from our offices in St.Petersburg, but our engineers sometimes travel to the client’s sites for the design and and integration testing phases.

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